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Campus Involvement

Campus Involvement is an integral part of being a Vol and The University of Tennessee has numerous ways to get involved right way during your freshman year! Studies have shown that getting involved on a college campus is beneficial in many different ways. According to Alexander Astin, author of What Matters in College, “student to student interaction has the strongest positive effects on leadership development, overall academic development, self-reported growth in problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and cultural awareness.” Astin also found that students who are involved are less likely to be depressed and more likely to recognize their own self-worth. Whether you seek Campus Involvement to Learn, Lead or Participate, Rocky Top will feel just a little smaller, and a little more like “home sweet home” after you dive right in!

In this section, you will learn about:

  • How to get inVOLved at UT.
  • What it means to be a student leader.
  • How you can leave your mark on UT.

Important Contacts:


The main mission at the University of Tennessee is to provide quality education and instruction to students. As a student, what you may not realize is so much of what you will learn during your time on campus will be facilitated outside of the classroom environment. Regardless if it’s a part-time job, research experience, or enrolling in a leadership course, your involvement on campus will allow you to maximize your college experience all the while enhancing your educational attainment.

“My time working on campus has allowed me to develop skills that can be used in any job as well as hone skills I can directly transfer to my intended career after UTK. Plus, it’s always great to be able to work where you live.” Daniel Honeycutt, Psychology Major

Below are some opportunities you should consider participating in as a way to compliment your educational experience.

Undergraduate Research: Don’t wait until your Junior or Senior year to get involved with research. Whether or not you have identified your academic interests or possibly need some help pinpointing your area of study, undergraduate research gives students a chance to expand upon the knowledge they learn in the classroom.

Do you have mad skills in a specific subject area? If so, you should consider applying to be a peer tutor. You can help educate your peers while also refining your own skills.

Both the Student Success Center and the Office of Multicultural Student Life hire student tutors for a variety of subjects.

Regardless if you need a little extra cash or you want to meet new people while developing transferable skills, the university offers fun and exciting part-time employment opportunities. Below is a list of popular employers:

Campus Dining


UT Housing

If you want an experience that aligns directly with your anticipated occupation, you should visit Center for Career Development to review the various internships and job opportunities they have posted for students.

An excellent way for students to link co-curricular experiences with classroom experience is to enroll in a leadership course. Participating in a leadership course allows students to connect their campus experiences in a meaningful and educational way.


At The University of Tennessee, leadership is part of our vision and is a core component of who we are. Students can engage in nationally recognized leadership programs, institutes, classes and conferences along with seeking opportunities to hone their leadership skills through a variety of student leadership positions. The Center for Leadership and Service seeks to educate and engage ALL students to lead and serve in their global community and is a great place to get started!

“Leadership opportunities are available all over campus. As a freshman, there are several opportunities here to help you find your niche. Not only will leadership help you during your four years in college, it is helping to build a foundation that you need for the rest of your life!” -Henal Majethia, campus leader

Some of the leadership opportunities that you may want to consider applying for include:

Leadership & Service Ambassador: The Leadership & Service Ambassadors (LSAs) are a group of leadership and service educators dedicated to serving the campus and community as a resource group. The LSAs are involved in a variety of community service opportunities and campus organizations and exist to connect fellow students to leadership and service experiences. Applications are available each Fall.

Ignite Team Leader: Ignite Team Leaders have the opportunity to mentor and educate freshmen about campus service leadership opportunities and help them successfully transition into the collegiate environment through the Ignite Summit, Serves and Outdoors Program. Applications are available each Fall.

Alternative Break Trip Leader: Alternative Break Leaders (ABLs) are responsible for working with a partner to intentionally select a trip theme and location, create the agenda of service opportunities, plan reflection opportunities, provide pre-trip educational opportunities, and post-trip reorientation opportunities for participants for Fall and Spring Alternative Break Trips. Applications are available each Spring.

Orientation Leader: Orientation Leaders assist new students, parents, and family members during UT’s twelve two-day orientation sessions for first-year students in June and July, as well as numerous one-day orientation sessions for transfer and adult students throughout the year. Applications are available each Fall.

Welcome Leader: Welcome Leaders lead more than 4,400 new first-year students through their first week on campus. Each WL mentors a group of first-year students and helps them navigate Big Orange Country during Welcome Week. Applications are available each Spring.

Resident Assistant: Resident Assistants assume a role of leadership in all aspects of residence hall living including programming, student mentorship , and support. Applications are available each Spring.

VolCorps Student Recruiters: Students who are VolCorps Program members work with admission recruitment programs and provide support for the Undergraduate Admissions Office through the UT Ambassadors, ME4UT, and Volunteer Team groups. Applications are available each Spring.

Multi-Cultural Student Life: Multicultural Student Life contributes to an inclusive learning environment by enhancing institutional efforts in retaining and graduating students prepared for a diverse global society. They oversee a variety of student organizations and mentorship opportunities on campus.

Student Alumni Associates: The Student Alumni Associates was founded on the principle of tradition and seeks to serve all past, present and future Vols! SAA members help with alumni programming, homecoming and a variety of campus traditions. Applications are available each Spring.

Student Government Association: Students in SGA have the opportunity to make a difference on their campus by advocating for the students they represent. Freshman Council and Student Services Committees are a great way to get involved your freshman year, and applications are online!

Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend the Clifton M. Jones Student Leadership Conference & MLK Day of Service each year and the LeaderShape Institute, a six-day institute dedicated to helping students to live and lead with integrity.

For more information about leadership at The University of Tennessee, email


There are hundreds of campus events that you can choose to attend. From sporting events, cultural attractions, community service and volunteer opportunities, comedians, concerts, speakers and art exhibits, there is something for everyone. Most events are free of charge and are special opportunities just for UT students.

“My experience attending campus events and activities created some of my favorite memories and made my time at UT immeasurably richer.”- Meredith Whitfield, UT alum

You can find out about upcoming campus events by:

  • logging onto your Collegiate Link account of the GO website;
  • checking the “Sign up to Serve” calendar for weekly volunteer opportunities and be sure to track all of your service hours online with the Center for Leadership & Service!

Many of these opportunities are provided through the International House, UT AthleticsThe Center for Leadership & Service, and the Center for Student Engagement which is home to The Central Program Council, a volunteer council that serves the Center for Student Engagement, the campus, and your peers.  The eight committees of CPC include All Campus Events, Campus Entertainment Board, Cultural Attractions Committee, Film Committee, Issues Committee, Visual Arts Committee, Volapalooza Event Planners, and Women’s Coordinating Council all of which provide opportunities to engage students through a variety of events and programs!

Students can also explore their faith, by getting involved in a number of campus ministry initiatives sponsored by the Campus Ministry Council.