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Request Materials

First-Year Studies is here to support you and your FYS class. Use the forms below to request materials. Please submit your requests at least 5 days business days in advance of the requested date.


Classroom Resources

i.e. Large Post-It Paper, 3X5 Index Cards (colored or plain), 4X6 index cards (colored), Markers, Expo-Markers, Regular Post-It Notes, etc.

Request Classroom Resources


Paint the Rock Supplies

Please submit a request to borrow the FYS Paint Materials at least 5 business days in advance. The FYS Office is currently working to create “go paint kits” that will be catered to the number of students/ participants. Materials include but are not limited to, 2 cans of paint, spray cans, paint brushes, rollers, trays, paper towels, trashbags, other clean-up materials, etc. If the paint materials you would like to request are not listed, please email with more details so that your request can be processed appropriately.

Request Paint the Rock Kit


Habitudes Cards
This deck of cards (for 18-25-year-olds) is the simple toolkit to build your financial foundation. You will discover your Money Habitudes: your habits (automatic actions) and attitudes (subconscious thoughts) about money. Those Money Habitudes will have a greater effect on your financial future than the amount of money you will earn, win or inherit in your lifetime! How you manage money is not about how much you have, but what your Money Habitudes are driving you to do with it. These cards are for people who can benefit from understanding what motivates and influences the way they use (or misuse) money. The results of a quick 15-minute activity will link money behaviors to emotional needs such as security, freedom, status, control, success and immediate gratification.

Request Habitudes Cards