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Mena Eshak




Nashville, TN

What are you most looking forward to about being a Peer Mentor?

I'm looking forward to meeting all of my students and building relationships with them over the course of the year, as I did with my peer mentor when I took FYS 101. 

What is your advice for First-Year Students?

Stay true to yourself, but do not be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Get involved on campus so you can make UT feel like your home away from home. 

What is your favorite annual event that happens on campus and why?

Volapalooza, I like to celebrate a semester's worth of hard work before finals. 

Describe the color orange: 

Orange represents brightness, warmth, and opportunity.

Where would you spend your last five dollars on the strip?

Panda Express

Best dining location on campus?


Would you rather take a picture with live smokey or the costumed smokey mascot?

Live Smokey

Pro tip for surviving your first year at UT?

Take advantage of your professors' office hours..

What notable alum would you want to be your Peer Mentor?

Pat Summit

If you had unlimited dining dollars, where would you spend them?

I would spend it on Chik-fil-A and buy food for others who don't have the money to eat.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Hodges Library

Would you rather...Hike the hill to class or  Go to the AG campus for class?

Hike the hill to go to class

Describe being a Peer Mentor in 5 words or less:

Giving others guidance and experiences