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Become a Peer Mentor!

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentors are undergraduate students who assist faculty and staff instructors in a section of FYS 101 for the fall and spring term. These campus leaders serve as role models, advisors, mentors, campus resource experts, and trusted points of contact for FYS 101 students. Peer mentors work collaboratively with other peer mentors, peer mentor coordinators, and instructors while assisting students in solving problems and getting involved on campus!

Why should you be a Peer Mentor?

As a peer mentor, you get to serve as a role model and point of contact for a core group of first-year students. You also have the opportunity work cooperatively with other peer mentors and instructors and develop significant relationships with other peer mentors and instructors. By serving as a resource for campus services and activities and assisting students in solving problems and getting involved on campus, you will have the opportunity to engage in leadership development and interpersonal skills.

FYS 101 peer mentors will receive two credit hours for their service: one for completing Peer Mentor Training course (FYS 401) in the spring and one for serving as a peer mentor (FYS 402) in the fall. After serving for one year, Peer Mentors can choose to return the following fall or apply to be a Peer Mentor Coordinator.

Perks of being a Peer Mentor…

Learn more about the current Peer Mentors.

Learn more about becoming a Peer Mentor Coordinator.


Each cycle we are looking for highly motivated and qualified students. To be eligible to become a peer mentor, a student must:

  • Must have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Must have a minimum of 24 credit hours in the fall that you will serve as a Peer Mentor
  • Must have a clear judicial record
  • Must complete FYS 401 (Spring term 2nd session course: Monday & Wednesday from 2:30-4:20) with B or higher

Please make sure you review the application process below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have never served as a Peer Mentor before, you must complete FYS 401. This is a 1-credit hour course that you will take in the second session of Spring 2020. If you plan on being a Peer Mentor, save 1-credit hour in your Spring 2020 schedule. FYS 401 course will be on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 pm-4:20 pm.

How to apply to be a Peer Mentor:

The application to join the FYS 101 Peer Mentor community will be available from November 1st – January 31, 2020 at 5 PM! 

Peer Mentor Application

2020-2021 Peer Mentor Application Timeline:

  • Step 1: Complete the New Peer Mentor Application by January 31, 2020 at 5PM.
  • Step 2: Have your reference complete their evaluation by January 31, 2020 at 5PM. You will need to send them the reference form for them to complete.
  • Step 3: You will receive the sign-up email on February 3, 2020. Sign up for a group interview by February 4, 2020 at 11:59 pm.  You must attend a group interview. (If all of your courses conflict, please email us asap.)
  • Step 4: Attend a group interview session on February 6 or 7, 2020. Each group interview session is a 1.5-hour time block.
  • Step 5: Applicants will be notified of whether or not they have been selected to become a part of the FYS 101 Peer Mentor community.
  • Step 6: Attend Peer Mentor Welcome Event March 1, 2020 from 1-5pm.
  • Step 7: Selected Peer Mentors will enroll in FYS 401: Peer Mentor Techniques MW 2:30-4:20 on March 2, 2020-April 24, 2020.

Questions about being a peer mentor? Contact us at