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Time Management

Choose one of the time management activities below.

As a result of theĀ Time Management Activities, students will…

  • evaluate their ability to manage time, especially with regard to the increased academic and social demands of college,
  • explore research on aspects of time management including procrastination and multitasking,
  • become familiar with the structure and parts of an academic research article, and
  • demonstrate effective time management through the use of day planners and to-do lists.

Time Management Matrix Lesson Plan

Objective: To assist students in developing better time management and to help them start thinking about how they are prioritizing activities on a daily basis.

Time Management Matrix Examples

Time Management Articles

Engage your students in a little reading on the subject of time management.

Time Management PowerPoint

Courtesy of the Student Success Center.

168 Hours Exercise

Begin this exercise by explaining that one of the main reasons that students don’t succeed academically is because they don’t use their time well. Many students lack a basic understanding of how much time there really is and thus fail to notice how their time is being spent.

Weekly Time Management Exercise

Have students read the front, which has a students schedule and then have them try and plan that students schedule on the back. make sure they don’t forget to include time to eat! When printing this assignment out, make sure to print them front and back.