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Course Introduction

The Course Introduction should take place in your first class meeting.

As a result of the course introduction, students will…

  • become acquainted with the Instructor, Peer Mentor, and one another,
  • review the structure, contents, and purpose of a course syllabus, recognize personal benefits of taking First-Year Studies 101 and
  • reflect on their own expectations and needs as related to the course


Required Lesson Plan

Course Introduction Lesson Plan

Getting To Know You Activity

Have your students fill out this card so you can keep it in order to contact them in the future. It is a word document, so feel free to edit it and add any other questions you find important or information that you think you will need.

Getting to Know You


Need supplies for one of the activities? FYS has the majority of the supplies you will need for any of the required activities. Give us a call or swing by so we can help you out.