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Academic and Career Exploration

Exploratory: Journey to Graduation

Creating a purposeful work statement and vision exhibition.



Values Checklist

This great resource from Center for Career Development allows students to identify and prioritize their values.  This exercise would make for a great pre-class activity to act as a springboard for discussion. More resources online at

Genogram Career Activity

1. Cut and paste the image in the attached document into a new document. Enlarge it to the size of the paper.
2. Each student gets eight paper “people” (4 male, 4 female)
3. Students decorate one person like themselves, writing a career or job (or two) on it that they are interested in.
5. The other seven represent the adults in their lives growing up and as they became aware of the world of work. Label each with their name or title, decorate them, and write the career/job(s) of each one on them.
5. With a partner, students share their people and discuss the similarities/differences and how influences those other people may or may not have had an influence on their career thinking.

Five Sense Field Trip Activity

This activity draws students’ awareness to career possibilities and teaches them a strategy by which they can continue realizing career opportunities.

For instance, you could have students be silent for three minutes and brainstorm a list of careers based on what they sense around them. Careers brainstormed might include A/C unit design (from hearing the AC), lighting engineers (seeing the lights), electronics (hearing/seeing electronics), furniture/classroom designer (seeing classroom layout), whiteboard production, architects, builders, and engineers (from seeing other buildings through the window), distributors, manufacturers, coffee makers (if they smelled Starbucks), etc.

Have students help you compile a master list on paper or the whiteboard, and look at all the career possibilities you can “sense” from the classroom setting. Once they get the hang of it, you might want to consider replicating the brainstorm in another setting on another day.

Career Exploration Activity

Resources available to help students explore and align career choices with their interests.