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FYP Seminar Instructor Job Description

TERM OF APPOINTMENT: Fall or Spring Semester

Each course should have a minimum of 13 class sessions that meet for 50 minutes each week. Time will also be spent on class preparation and grading.

Exempt faculty and staff only

The compensation varies by position at the university, generally speaking instructors are compensated $2,000 for each section taught unless it is written into the position the individual holds.


Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Prepare my syllabus in accordance with the FYP seminar common syllabus and department standards.
  • Meet with my students for ALL scheduled course sessions.
  • Contact the Office of First-Year Programs if for any reason I am not able to meet with my class. I will make every attempt possible to find a suitable substitute for my missed course in advance.
  • Adopt a student-centered and wellbeing pedagogy utilizing Seligman’s PERMA model.
  • Actively engage as a student success advocate by utilizing best practices for student success and retention.
  • Consult with my FYP Peer Mentor before the start of classes to complete the instructor/peer mentor agreement form.
  • Allocate points in the syllabus to 1 mandatory PM student meeting outside of class.
  • Utilize my Peer Mentor as a resource throughout the term in class.
  • Complete mid-point check-in form with PM.
  • Attend training and development opportunities provided by FYP

Responsibilities and Tasks: 

  • Communicate timely with the Assistant Director for First-Year Programs.
  • Upload syllabus to Canvas and update grades regularly throughout the term.
  • Manage and maintain Canvas course. Update as needed with required modules and content.
  • Schedule in-class observations as requested by the FYP department.
  • Submit Attendance Record for FYP seminar course as needed.
  • Complete Academic Alert notifications, for timely reporting of pertinent student interactions.
  • Participate in the required University of Tennessee instructor evaluations.
  • Submit final grades via myUTK by the deadline.
  • Participate in end of term instructor self-assessment and survey.
  • Submit PM final evaluation at the end of the term.


This document will serve as a reference point that can be used to evaluate the FYP seminar instructor experience and performance.