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Financial Literacy

Money Habitudes Lesson Plan


  • Start financial conversations in a productive and safe environment
  • Gain valuable insight about their thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior regarding money
  • Identify and discuss savings, healthy spending, and debt
  • Facilitate activities and discussions that help students understand their spending habits and how that impacts financial responsibilities
  • Provide students with resources to make sound financial decisions related to their educational expenses and personal spending

Time: 50 minutes

Materials: Money Habitudes card for Young Adults (18-25)

Request Money Habitudes Cards


Lesson Plan


Habitudes Powerpoint

Habitudes Handout

Recommended Plan:

  1. Icebreaker (optional)- Recommended PM activity (15 mins)
  • What’s on your shirt?
    • Imagine that you are wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt that has writing on it. The words reflect your attitude about life and money. What does your shirt say? Think about it a few minutes and then go around the room and share. (Examples: Don’t worry be happy or easy come-easy go, etc.)
  1. Powerpoint (10 mins)
  • Utilize Powerpoint to open discussion on money. Feel free to utilize this time to share/have an open discussion on your relevant experiences regarding money. For example: When I was in college I borrowed more student loan money than I needed and used that for extravagant expenses and then realized later how much unneeded debt I had accrued.
  1. Activity- Money Habitudes cards (10 mins)
  • Utilize directions in Powerpoint and instructions handout (if needed) to have students sort cards into categories.
  • Provide students with Money Habitudes worksheet to record results
  • Once all students have sorted cards the move on to discussion
  1. Concluding Discussion (15 mins)
  • Utilize closing questions in Powerpoint to have an open discussion regarding their results and the meanings

Assignment (optional):

  • Money Habitudes II Insights handout
    • Recommend to handout document before the activity so the student can notate the number of their cards on the handout. Student will answer the questions on the handout and submit by next class period.