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FYS 401 & 402

FYS 401 and FYS 402 is a sequence of courses designed for our Peer Mentors. Once students have interviewed and been selected to be Peer Mentors, they are enrolled in a section of FYS 401 during the second session of the spring semester. This course is taught by FYS Assistant Director, FYS Graduate Assistant and theĀ Peer Mentor Coordinators. In this training course, Peer Mentor Trainees will learn everything they need to be success as a Peer Mentor, such as

  • leadership,
  • student development theory,
  • history and purpose of First-Year Experience,
  • freshmen characteristics,
  • role of Peer Mentors,
  • and facilitation skills.

This course is worth 1 credit hour and is graded on an A-F scale, and the trainee must receive a B or higher to continue in the Peer Mentor process.

FYS 402 is the second part of the sequence. Every time a student serves as a Peer Mentor, they will enroll in FYS 402. This is a 1 credit hour course that is graded on an A-F scale. During the fall semester, Peer Mentors will meet once a week with the FYS 101 class they are mentoring. In addition, FYS 402 will meet four times during the semester and will serve as a forum for Peer Mentors to voice problems and concerns and collectively provide advice. Supplemental training is also included in this course. The Graduate Teaching Assistant and Peer Mentor Coordinators will serve as the supervisors for this course.

For a Peer Mentor to be selected to return, they must earn a B or higher. Students may take 402 up to 3 times for credit.