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Avery Miller

What does it mean to be an Academic Success Advocate?

I think of an Advocate as someone who serves to champion the cause of another, a defender, a supporter, an intermediary who bridges-the-gap between persons in need of assistance and available, supportive resources.  As an Academic Success Advocate, I believe my role is to promote student success through service.  I aim to serve students by first learning about who they are—their background, their interests, what they hope to achieve and being intentional about understanding challenges and attitudes lurking to undermine their success.  My goal is to also empower students, so that they in-turn, will gain capabilities to advocate for themselves.

Share your undergraduate experience or journey

My initial dream was to be a veterinarian.  I first came to the United States as an international student (F1-visa) enrolled at Broward Community College (now Broward College).  I graduated community college and enrolled as a Biology major at Florida Atlantic University.  It was during that time something strange happened—I went through ‘mid-life’ crisis in my early 20s and began to question EVERYTHING, including asking myself: is this what I really want to do?  Who am I?  Who (as opposed to what) do I want to become? I thought I already knew the answers to all these questions prior to enrolling in college but all at once, I found myself grappling with these questions again.  Concurrently, I was also dealing with some major family issues but it never dawned on me to ask for help.  I just struggled in silence.  I thought I could fix it all on my own.  I was eventually placed on academic probation and later academically suspended.  I dropped out of college for about a year, to ‘sort myself out’ and also attend to some pressing family matters.  When I returned to college, I had a renewed focus and eventually chose to major in Psychology.  Approximately one year later, I graduated from FAU with a B. A. in Psychology.

Outside of work, I…

may be found lost in my mind over some seemingly random thought, reading, aimlessly driving to discover new places, hunkered-down in a coffee shop, enjoying a beautiful slice of silence and tranquility, speaking with my plants, or attempting to solve a Dateline murder mystery.

My pledge to you…

is to listen to you and walk this path with you—to create an authentic connection with you, so that you will know assuredly: you are valued, you belong, and you have the ability to succeed.  My pledge to you is to be a tangible resource, actively working to help facilitate your success.

Favorite Quote:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Anonymous

Personal Motto:

“I have to be the change I want to see; to change a situation, first start with me.”