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The Science of Basketball Shooting – Men’s Section

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Thursdays 2:10PM-3:25PM 51527Second

Is there a perfect shooting form in basketball? Of course! What characteristics would perfect shooting form have?  Number one would be “simplicity.  Simplicity, by necessity, is also the quickest shot. The shot has to be reduced to the “simplest motion” which addresses the three main concerns of basketball shooting: accuracy, efficiency, and speed. We will use physics, biomechanics, geometry, and psychology as you strive for your perfect shooting form. In the process, you will learn about life and the pursuit of excellence.

Professor Information

Mark Fly


  • Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries
  • Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
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Welcome to my shooting class! Achieving excellence in basketball shooting has been a lifetime passion of mine. It can also be yours! My record is 136 free throws in a row (self-rebounded). I welcome beginners and experienced players. In my other job, I train students in the Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries to be park rangers. By the way, I am an environmental psychologist with a focus on people and nature. What fun!