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Movie Kaleidoscope

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Tuesdays 5:05PM-7:15PM 45781Full Term

This seminar could be titled, “Greatest Movies You’ve Never Seen.” Movies are rightly called America’s great contribution to the visual arts. The films offered are among the most acclaimed of their genres but are rarely seen these days. Most have been preserved by the Library of Congress for their cultural, historical, or aesthetic importance, and nearly all were nominated for one or more Academy Awards. Genres include silent era and pre-Code films, film noir, horror films, westerns, comedies, musicals and courtroom dramas. If a particular movie has a short run-time, a short will be shown that displays a superior aspect of film production.

Professor Information

Ernest Bernard


  • Entomology and Plant Pathology
  • Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
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My life-long professional interest has been in the biodiversity of the natural world, both in its description and its measurement. I was born and raised in Detroit and started collecting bugs there when I was 7 but have been a happy resident of Tennessee for more than 35 years. My college degrees are from Michigan State University and the University of Georgia, in Entomology, Nematology and Plant Pathology. My favorite haunt is the light microscopy facility in my department. I come from a somewhat artistic family that always watched a lot of movies…in the 1950s-60s we had not only the three US networks but also CBC from Windsor, and they all showed movies. This FYS129 course is a natural for me to present.