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Meditation for Academic Success

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Fridays 9:15AM-10:05AM 45588Full Term

There are a multitude of studies showing increased academic performance as a result of practicing meditation techniques. This course will explore a variety of meditation and visualization techniques from multiple cultures, including styles from India, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Tibet. This cross-cultural look at diverse mind focusing techniques is designed to help the student find what style works for their individual needs and interests. The course will emphasize the utilization of these practices to increase academic performance, boost personal peace and help generate a happier life.

Professor Information

Kenton Yeager

Kenton Yeager


  • Theatre
  • Arts and Sciences
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Kenton Yeager is a tenured professor and the head of the Graduate Lighting Design Program in the Department of Theatre.  He has been involved in visualization/meditation/mindfulness techniques, the martial arts, and eastern philosophy for the past 35 years. He is also President of The American Meditation Society.