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Exploring COVID-19

Meeting timeCRNSession
Wednesdays 10:10AM-11AM 45787Full Term

The emergence of the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 has reshaped the world around us. This seminar will explore COVID-19 through the lens of engineering and physics. We will investigate the biology of viruses and explore many of the same unanswered questions confronting scientists and policy makers. How does our immune system fight the coronavirus? How does the virus spread from person-to-person and within large populations? How are tests and vaccines for COVID-19 being developed? We will use quantitative reasoning and “back-of-the-envelope” calculations that allow us to pare questions down to their essential features. Through the semester, students will develop and evaluate guidelines for social distancing and public policy. Students from all academic disciplines are welcome!

Professor Information

Steve Abel

Assistant Professor

  • Engineering