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Cities through the Cinema

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:50AM-10:40AM (First Session Only) 45805First

Films have been used to portray cities across myriad landscapes (e.g. cultural, economic, and social). Consequently, they provide insights into how filmmakers and the general public have viewed urban regions throughout history. In this course, we will use popular and independent films to explore cities, their dynamics, and their representation across different time periods, using examples from New York and Los Angeles, but also exploring world cities such as London and Hong Kong through film.

Professor Information

Ron Kalafsky


  • Geography
  • Arts and Sciences
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Ron Kalafsky is a  professor in the Department of Geography. He teaches classes on economic geography, urban geography, and the geography of East Asia, and his research focuses on international trade and industrial location in Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom.